CAB-SL-XX-TOP is a cable designed to connect the outdoor and indoor units.
Detailed specification
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La description

CAB-SL-XX-TOP is an FTP Cat5e cable with an RJ-45 plug and cable gland. There are following possible options:

  • CAB-SL-XX-TOP-C - to connect R5000-Smn/R5000-Lmn models and indoor unit.
  • CAB-SL-XX-TOP-P - to connect R5000-Mmx/R5000-Omx models and indoor unit.
  • CAB-SL-XX-TOP-X - to connect Xm/Um models and indoor unit.
  • CAB-SL-XX-TOP-Q - to connect Q5, Q6, E5-ST, E6-ST models. 
  • CAB-SL-XX-TOP-A - to connect Q70, E5-BS, E6-BS models.

The cable length is specified in the purchased order.

Datasheet   pdf / 936.4 KB