Thanks to the solutions provided by InfiNet, Royal Telecom is able to offer Telebucaramanga the best technology for the job. The installation was simple and, along with our support and InfiNet’s products, Telebucaramanga can be assured of a flexible, robust and exceedingly reliable connection

Guillermo Saenz,
Royal Telecom 

Royal Telecom is a Columbian distribution partner of InfiNet Wireless. It was established in 1999 and has been a major player in the Columbian telecoms space for over a decade, with a presence nationwide spanning from Bogota to Medellin and Cartagena to Manizales. It specialises in the wholesale distribution of communications and security solutions, offering with first class service from globally recognised brands.

Royal Telecom was approached by its customer, Telebucaramanga, the premier supplier of telephony, broadband Internet and Digital Satellite services to households and SMEs in Bucaramanga, the capital city of Santander, Colombia. It needed to supply two customers with a reliable, high capacity long distance link.

Royal Telecom suggested InfiNet’s point-to-point products as the ideal solution for the challenge and the company installed two InfiLINKPRO2x2 units and one InfiLINK, LITE2x2 unit. InfiNet’s products provided Royal Telecom with a solution that exceeded the capacity and had better system gain than that of its competitors.

InfiLINK 2x2 is a wireless Point-to-Point solution which combines high-speed capability, up to 280 Mbps throughput, with a rich set of best-in-class features and benefits. It supports leading-edge radio protocols, providing unrivalled spectral efficiency and wireless transmissions over distances in excess of 80km.

The radio link for Telebucaramanga stretched across 103km and the capacity achieved was 30Mbps, helped by the 34dBi gain antennas. This provided Telebucaramanga with a flexible, robust and reliable solution to provide connectivity to its customers.  


  • Robust distance microwave link;
  • High capacity.



  • Reliable link over 103 km;
  • 30 Mbps capacity.
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Infinet and Royal Telecom provide backhaul peace of mind for UNE

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