The InfiNet solution is perfect for Trésor Public’s requirements as it can provide robustness, reliability and security and is able to work across harsh terrains. The easy to manage solution is extremely cost-effective, ensuring public funds are used effectively and the network problems of the past are completely eliminated

Moussavou Moukoumbi,
General Manager of TMS 

Trésor Public, the Treasury of Gabon, experienced major connectivity issues for many years which meant that its workforce often couldn’t access the valuable data it needed to do its job properly and efficiently.

In order to fix such unreliable infrastructure once and for all, and enable its financial teams to work productively across its various sites located in Libreville, Port Gentil, Franceville, Oyem and Bitam, the management team at the Treasury consulted with the National Agency for Digital Infrastructure and Frequencies (ANINF).

The goal of ANINF has always been to connect all administrative buildings across Gabon with fibre networks and relevant wireless technologies.

Trésor Public and ANINF then contacted InfiNet Wireless and its local partner Telecommunication Monetiques Services (TMS) to seek assistance and ultimately deploy the most suitable and reliable solution in order to keep the country’s main financial institution providing its services to the national economy and help local companies thrive and prosper.

The requirements set right from the start were demanding and were centred around a solution that would provide high capacity, uncompromised reliability, security, scalability, and ease of management, while being cost effective, and possessing the ability to cater for future requirements as they emerge at a later date.

Alain Kassa, Network and Computer Manager, Trésor Public: «InfiNet and TMS have provided us with a solution we can truly rely on. We are impressed with the speed of deployment, the reliability of the network deployed and, most importantly, our staff are now able to get on with their jobs without worrying that their systems are going to crash».

Following on from the success of the initial deployment, ANINF and Tresor have both added further remote sites to their new network and will continue doing so throughout the foreseeable future.


  • Greater connectivity and improved reliability Secure  connection
  • Easy management


Customer benefits

  • Robust and reliable infrastructure for critical applications
  • Increased productivity through the reduction of previous network failures and downtime
  • Quick and dependable access to required data
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