Enabling SME businesses with InfiNet Broadband Wireless

D-Link, Eastern Europe Secteur: Les fournisseurs de services

Having identified a need for a multi-site point-to-point and multipoint solution for its partners, D-Link introduced Infinet Wireless’s products into its portfolio offering to its distributors and systems integration partners.

Enabling SME businesses with InfiNet Broadband Wireless

D-Link’s Eastern European team recognized that a potential lack of leased-line availability through the region could indeed cause an issue for its partners when bidding to deploy multi-site enterprise and SME networks. D-Link Europe had decided to enter into the enterprise and business solutions arena to challenge the dominance of existing incumbent players such as Cisco in the midmarket and service provider networking segment.

Their offer of leading edge, high performance technologies in the enterprise LAN, WAN, Wireless and Security segments pose a strong competitive threat to the incumbent players, whilst in addition being positioned as highly price-attractive solutions to their target market segments.

In Hungary alone, D-Link’s partner base has already deployed InfiNet wireless solution into at least 4 service provider/Wireless-ISP networks offering end-user Wi-Fi and high-capacity Cable/ETTH (Ethernet to the Home) connectivity, as well as providing campus services to a number of medium and large enterprise networks. 

D-Link is now partnering with InfiNet Wireless to offer InfiNet’s point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless solutions across its entire Eastern European region, and the joint proposition of the two companies extends beyond just their respective product portfolios to offer partners and customers support, training and integration services.

Business Benefits

  • Cost effective, high bandwidth link with unrivalled price-performance ratio;
  • High reliability and throughput across difficult non-line-of sight terrain and for difficult environmental conditions;
  • Small footprint, easily and quickly deployed and with minimal impact on existing operations;
  • Enables D-Link business partners to offer an end-to-end multisite IP networking solution rapidly and without reliance upon broadband or leased-line availability;
  • Easily integrated into standards-based IP networking equipment and fully supports D-Link applications and equipment across an IP solutions backbone;

Technical Benefits

  • A consistent and reliable high speed link between sites, capable of carrying bandwidth intensive and low-latency traffic (e.g. for IP Telephony);
  • To be able to support a complete range of advanced services to end users across wireless technology, covering basic connectivity to more advanced services such as VoIP, IP CCTV Surveillance, Business Continuity services and advanced data services including Premium WAN, MPLS IP VPN, Managed Security, Co-location and QinQ ;
  • Stability and reliability of the link across a difficult terrain and through inclement weather conditions;
  • A low-cost, high performance solution with rapid deployment and minimal customer resource (1 engineer) required to install and commission the solution;
  • InfiLINK’s OFDM technology provides high spectral efficiency, better resiliency to RF interference and supports improved transmission in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications.