We are exceedingly pleased with the reliable connection that the InfiNet solution has provided us with. Our students and staff are now able to work productively with much faster connectivity speeds and downtime has been significantly reduced. The ongoing support from Eurotel has also proven invaluable.

Eng Adulhaleem Alhelo, Network Department Manager at King AbdulAziz University.

King Abdulaziz University was founded in 1967 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is the largest university in the western province of Saudi Arabia and is the only education institution in the region that includes two separate campuses in two different locations - one for male students and another for females. The university has a number of scientific and theatrical fields of study including Ocean Sciences, Nuclear Engineering and Medical Sciences.

The university uses a student portal to link the colleges across the two campuses with its main administration centre. Due to the geography and topology of the area, e.g. the university is located between two large mountains, the deployment of a fibre-based infrastructure was simply impossible to achieve due to terrain, logistics and associated costs.

In 2009, the university approached United Horizon major systems integrator in Saudi Arabia and with support from our local partner Eurotel in Middle East, to conduct an audit of its facilities and recommend a solution that would provide both students and staff with fast and reliable connectivity across its campuses. InfiNet’s solutions were quickly identified as the best-fit solution as they were well proven in similar environments, connecting such remote areas and in a challenging desert climate.

United Horizon deployed a number of InfiNet’s InfiLINK 2x2 point-to-point links to provide extensive network coverage for the whole University. The InfiLINK 2x2 is a family of Point-to-Point MIMO high-performance broadband wireless solutions which support multiple configurations for an all IP-based application, providing greater effective throughput (up to 280Mb/s) and increased link availability, all delivered with a rich set of best-in-class features. The InfiLink 2x2 family also provides unrivalled spectral efficiency and enables wireless transmissions to be established over distances in excess of 80 km without repeaters.


  • Connect the two main campuses of King Abdulaziz University with the administration quarters
  • Provide reliable connectivity in difficult terrain
  • Provide connectivity in high temperatures

Solution Technology

Customer Benefits

  • Increased productivity for students and staff
  • Significant reduction in downtime
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