All of the InfiNet solutions deployed in this project worked as expected, but often offered more value and benefits to the University community. The solution provided was easily integrated with the existing hardware platforms and NMS. The University has now switched over all of its WAN traffic to the Infinet-based network and is providing near 100% availability

Saeed Mohammed Yimer,
Business Development Director at e-Saudi

We compared a lot of wireless solutions but none were as reliable as Infinet Wireless.It was the speed, cost and capacity that prompted us to made use of Infinet Wireless radios as a solution to connect different University faculties throughout the city as well as replacing the existing leased line networks and broadband wireless solutions. We are fully satisfied with the robust performance and availability.

Dr Abdulwahab Abdullah Hussain Alhazmi,
IT Manager at Najran University

The University IT department approached Electronic Saudi Networks (e-Saudi), Infinet Wireless’ local partner in Saudi Arabia, to discuss and design a brand new infrastructure which would meet the present and future demands of its students and staff, be available 24/7 and enable them to work productively. The University’s previous infrastructure was based on MPLS leased lines supplied by a local service provider and capable of a maximum of only 20Mbps. This was complemented by wireless WIMAX links which were limited to 54Mbps and configured as backup for the fixed part of the network which was not stable enough. The LAN and WAN infrastructures at the University were complex, expensive and supplied by different manufacturers, making any seamless integration very challenging.


The University’s primary objective was to select a scalable solution that could be deployed rapidly and cost effectively, and one which students and staff could rely on at all times. The new solution required by the IT management team had to be deployed as an overlay to the existing wired network, be seamlessly integrated with the existing routing and switching back-office hardware, as well as provide future proofing and easy scalability. Such a solution had to connect the existing 32 sites using both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topologies, providing a minimum bandwidth of 300Mbps to all remote sites. It had to be robust enough to deliver triple play services (i.e. voice, video and data traffic) and cover distances of up to 37km from the main campus.

After testing solutions from various vendors, the University ultimately selected InfiNet’s range of InfiMAN and InfiLINK solutions to provide the optimum performance to its end users, rapid deployment and excellent value for money, well within the allocated budget.


  • Scalable solution
  • High capacity and performance
  • Fast deployment
  • Cost-effective broadband wireless solution


  • R5000-Mmx 28 dBi (with integrated antenna) for long distances
  • R5000-Mmx 23 dBi (with integrated antenna) for short and medium distances
  • R5000-Mmxbs Base Station (16dbi gain and 90’ degree)


  • Delivery of  Voice,  Video and Data Traffic
  • Highly reliable solution
  • Integrates with existing NMS platform
InfiNet Wireless enables Mada to provide reliable wireless solutions to the whole of Kuwait
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InfiNet Wireless enables Mada to provide reliable wireless solutions to the whole of Kuwait

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InfiNet Wireless provides reliable connectivity to King Abdulaziz University
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King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

InfiNet Wireless provides reliable connectivity to King Abdulaziz University

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