The wireless network travels with us from race to race and is easily set up at each location with a minimum of fuss. It provides us with a reliable communications infrastructure accessible by all elements of our team – from customer services and hospitality, through to live event broadcast delivery and even race team communications between engineers, race strategy teams and riders.

Brian Harden Data Engineer, LCR Honda


Every year, LCR Honda competes in 18 motorcycle world championship events across different geographies of the world. At each race location, both engineering and mechanical teams rely heavily on high-speed, high-capacity communications connections to provide real-time track-side information such as the analysis of racing data, complex vehicle and driver performance analytics as well as weather forecasts and live video images from the race. The client hospitality team also rely heavily on the internet connection to issue press and race information, liaising with clients and communication with the technical teams where necessarily.


  • Easy to establish wireless networking solution that is transportable to each new location;
  • Optimal bandwidth to support data, voice and media streaming;
  • Cost effective solution to providing temporary worldwide connectivity;
  • Minimal network management & technical support requirement;
  • Stable and robust communications in radio -hazardous environments.


Customer Benefits

  • Low entry costs;
  • Quick return on investment;
  • Worldwide connectivity;
  • Reliability across all types of terrain and climate;
  • Easy to commission & de-commission at each site;
  • Reliable communications for a highly brand-sensitive team and industry.
Providing reliable live TV broadcast
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Providing reliable live TV broadcast

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