By improving the signal timing between traffic lights, Georgia’s Regional Traffic Operations Program (RTOP) aims to improve traffic flow and cut vehicle emissions. To achieve this, it needs the fastest possible communications infrastructure. InfiNet Wireless provided the best bandwidth and the most fluid, manageable infrastructure through a wireless broadband solution. RTOP is now able to monitor all corridors from GDOT's Transportation Management Center over Ethernet. This creates quicker response times to repair signal problems.


  • Fast, reliable communications that contribute to better traffic flow
  • High bandwidth networking that can transport data rapidly across city and county borders
  • A system quick enough to synchronize signal timings across a vast metropolitan area
  • A flexible system that can be adapted as the infrastructure changes
  • A networking infrastructure that is cost effective to install, reliable and can be managed with maximum economy
  • Performance, reliability, scalability
  • A good local support team


  • Installation of high capacity point-to-point wireless networking
  • Specifically, InfiNet Wireless InfiMAN 2x2 R5000-Smc/54.300.2x63.2x21/4 licensed as a PTMP, across 30+ locations in the region covered by the Georgia Department of Transport

Customer Benefits

  • Better traffic flow, less congestion
  • Fewer carbon emissions, better air quality
  • Greater flexibility
  • Added robustness and reliability
  • Better management with lower management costs
  • Local support with rapid response and fault management
  • Low entry costs
  • Quick return on investment
  • Citywide connectivity
  • A system better suited to urban landscapes
  • Improved the number of operational pedestrian pushbuttons from 83% to 98%
  • Reduced the average number of times a vehicle had to stop by 5.9%
  • Reduced the total time spent waiting at traffic signals by  1.4 million hours
  • Reduced total delay time by 6.0%
  • Saved 639,383 gallons of fuel
  • Saved motorists over $19 million ($16.8 million in time, $2.3 million in fuel)
  • Measured over a period where traffic volumes increase by an average of 4%
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